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Create opportunity in underrepresented communities. Upskill or reskill underrepresented Marylanders into rewarding life sciences careers that pay more than other industries.

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Create Good Paying Jobs

BioHub Maryland is accelerating the life sciences industry for companies and career seekers to expand the state’s global innovation advantage. To expand Maryland’s life sciences talent pipeline, BioHub Maryland engages and trains residents who may not otherwise join the industry, including residents from disadvantaged backgrounds, residents who do not have advanced degrees, and military veterans.

Maryland BioHub Can Help Policy Makers

  • Create Opportunity in Underrepresented Communities

    Many in-demand life sciences jobs do not require an advanced or bachelor’s degree, creating an opportunity to upskill or reskill underrepresented Marylanders into rewarding life sciences careers that pay more than other industries.

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  • Find Better Paying Positions

    Life sciences incomes in Maryland are 87% higher than the statewide average for all industries. Some entry-level positions in life sciences pay more than double the comparable jobs in other industries.

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  • Gain Competitive Edge

    Competing states are investing heavily in life sciences workforce development. BioHub Maryland helps the state maintain and improve its global leadership in life sciences innovation by inspiring the next generation of biotech workers.

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Support Life Science Industry

Maryland’s life sciences companies deliver life-changing treatments for devastating diseases, from cancer and Muscular Dystrophy to diabetes and rare diseases.

Create High-Paying Careers

Maryland’s life sciences industry pays 87% more on average than other industries in the state.

Empower Underserved Marylanders

Anyone can pursue a rewarding life sciences career, regardless of their background or education level.

Match Training With Positions

BioHub Maryland makes it easier to earn a life sciences job by offering flexible and industry-specific training in the skills employers value most.

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