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Launched in 2022, BioHub Maryland helps residents of all backgrounds pursue rewarding careers in life sciences by offering biopharma manufacturing skills training, career resources, and access to hundreds of job openings in life sciences.


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An initiative of the Maryland Tech Council, the largest technology and life sciences trade association in the state, BioHub Maryland helps life sciences companies at every stage grow by training the next generation of life sciences talent, showcasing employers’ career opportunities, and providing strategic resources for raising capital.

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Built Relationships

We spark growth for life science organizations by connecting them with skilled workers.

Adapt & Evolve

We create a positive climate for technology and science-focused businesses to grow in Maryland.

Support of Life Sciences

We catalyze the many different transformations that are improving the quality of life around the world.


Workforce Task Force

The Maryland Life Sciences Advisory Board joined forces with the Maryland Tech Council to create a task force to address the workforce needs of the rapidly growing Maryland life sciences industry. Featuring leaders from academia, industry, government, and non-profit organizations, the task force aims to create sustainable workforce development solutions to unleash workforce talent and opportunity in Maryland.

What is the Task Force?


Life Sciences in Maryland

Maryland has proven to be a leader in the biotech industry and the State has a lot of firsts in its history: first to map the human genome, first to develop a rapid test for Ebola, first to create an FDA-approved blood test for colon cancer, and first in NIH research and development contract awards. And, according to the Washington Post, the State has proudly played an “outsized role in the worldwide hunt for a coronavirus vaccine.”


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