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Life Sciences Pay More
than Other Industries

Annual life sciences incomes average $128,800 in Maryland, almost $60,000 more than the statewide average for all industries ($68,900). You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist either. In-demand life sciences jobs, such as manufacturing technicians, bookkeepers, and lab assistants, do not require advanced degrees or Bachelor’s degrees.

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Maryland BioHub Can Help Trainees

Gain the Skills Top Life Science Employers Need

Build knowledge of the life sciences industry, including learning new technical writing skills, data analysis, and much more.

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Get Hands-On Experience in the Industry

Hands-on technical training allows trainees to learn by doing.

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Earn Better Pay

Life sciences professionals in Maryland earn more on average than other workers in the state. Some entry-level positions in life sciences pay more than double the comparable jobs in other industries.

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Understand Manufacturing Processes & Production Environments

Knowledge of manufacturing requirements, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Quality Control, and more.



Includes est. 1M residents without Bachelor’s Degrees. One out of every three life sciences job openings in Maryland does not require a Bachelor’s Degree, making it an ideal industry for residents from underserved backgrounds to start rewarding careers in a high-paying industry, no matter where they started in life.


Estimated 360,000 in Maryland. Achieving a new mission requires men and women who understand logistics, teamwork, time management and other skills learned in the military.

High Schoolers

With a life sciences career, go from high school to high earner. Many great life sciences jobs require only a high school diploma or GED – and they pay more on average than similar jobs in other fields.

Re-skillers & Up-skillers

Learners looking to transition from allied industry to biopharma career and learners in the industry looking to advance their careers by acquiring new skills.


Access to capital is a major challenge for life sciences startups seeking to develop vaccines, therapies, and medical treatments. BioHub Maryland will offer strategic resources to help life sciences startups prepare for fundraising. Offerings include: advice from seasoned life sciences investment professionals, advisory support on investor engagement strategies, guidance on offering materials and pitch decks, and fundraising meeting preparation.

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BioHub Maryland is accelerating the life sciences industry for companies and career seekers to expand the state’s global innovation advantage.

Launched in 2022, BioHub Maryland helps residents of all backgrounds pursue rewarding careers in life sciences by offering biopharma manufacturing skills training, career resources, and access to hundreds of job openings in life sciences.

To expand Maryland’s life sciences talent pipeline, BioHub Maryland engages and trains residents who may not otherwise join the industry, including residents from disadvantaged backgrounds, residents who do not have advanced degrees, and military veterans. Below are some helpful resources to help launch your career:

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Our Career Roadmap guides users through resources to explore jobs based on education level.

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