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Save time and money, and gain an edge against your competition, by partnering with Maryland BioHub as a resource for a qualified, trained biomanufacturing workforce.

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The life sciences industry is highly regulated and prioritizes safety, quality, and efficacy for all patients. To meet required Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), licensed biomanufacturers must have a pipeline to suitably “qualified” workers. Training new workers can be a time constraint on staff and often means often means manufacturers must shut down equipment to facilitate hands-on training. BioHub Maryland will provide trainees with systematic training to ensure employers can meet GMP standards.

Maryland BioHub Can Help Employers

  • Save Time & Money

    BioHub Maryland will train new workers in required skills to significantly reduce onboarding and training timelines.

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  • Access Capital

    Discover strategic resources to advice and support to bring ideas to market and grow you business.

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  • Gain Competitive Edge

    The competition for qualified workers is tough. Businesses can find their next star hire through BioHub Maryland while saving time and money.

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Ready to accelerate your recruiting? Our job board connects life sciences companies like yours with trained, qualified job seekers. Find your next star hire today.

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Connect with job seekers who meet the requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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We pre-qualify job seekers and train them to work in the life sciences industry them to save you time.


Our Process Works

Access Fundraising Resources

Access strategic resources to help life sciences companies fundraise for capital in domestic and international capital markets.

Trained, Qualified Talent Pool

BioHub Maryland trains new workers in required skills so that they can immediately add value at the workplace.

Brand Awareness

Showcase career opportunities and get in front of the next generation of life sciences talent.

Upskill Your Talent

Extend valuable resources to star employees to upskill and add even more value.

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  • Upskill Employees

    BioHub Maryland offers training to add value to the hires you've invested in.

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