Reskill / Upskill

BioHub offers flexible and industry-specific training for biopharma professionals looking to advance their careers or those interested in changing careers. Get career guidance and training in the skills employers value most to increase earning power.

Changing Careers

BioHub Maryland offers opportunities for learners to transition from allied industry to a biopharma career. Our program offers resources to determine which careers are a good match for the skills base they already have, and new skills they need to learn to earn their dream job.

Advancing Careers

BioHub helps life science professionals advance their career by acquiring new skills and entrepreneurs in the biopharma industry add value to their workforce.



  • Find Direction

    The Dream Job tool helps job seekers research job details to find an occupation that is right for them.

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  • Find The Right Fit

    The Career Roadmap guides users through resources to explore jobs based on education level.

    Career Roadmap
  • Aquire New Skills

    No learning is wasted. Elevate your career growth and earning opportunity by adding new skills to your resume.

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  • Explore Job Openings

    Hundreds of life sciences job openings on our Job Board for career seekers of all backgrounds.

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