Education Level

High School

High school is a time to level up the skills you learn in class to prepare you for college or a career right out of school. It's a good time to start charting the path you will need to take in school to land a job in your favorite profession. This is the time to consider the appropriate classes to take, make sure you are learning the right subjects, and develop the skills necessary to get there.

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Preparing Your Path

More Than Just Math & Science

Your high school years can be overwhelming; from simply getting used to a new experience to preparing for college and a career. When you think about it, there are plenty of valuable skills that go into navigating your high school years, including: creativity, problem solving, collaboration on group projects, thinking of creative solutions, and critical thinking. Life science companies value math and science skills, but they also require well-rounded individuals who can help them through all phases of research and product development. The industry recruits for all sorts of positions in sales, marketing, lab operations, manufacturing, logistics, and best of all, positions are available for everyone from high school grads to the PhD level.

Dream Jobs

BioHub Maryland has created Dream Jobs, a tool to help you create your own “pathway” to a career. Dream Jobs allows you to search for any profession and it will show you the required education level, knowledge and skills that you need. It will also show you other key details such as the estimated demand for that position and salary range. This information will help you decide which types of classes to prioritize and which major you may want to study in college. Having a plan is one of the best things you can do to focus your efforts and set your sights on success.

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