Preparing You for a Career in Life Sciences



College is the time to get serious about what career you want to embark on and which classes or major will best prepare you for it. Many doors are open to you, and it’s never too late to think about life sciences and technology. Those who major in STEM are among the most desired job candidates by companies looking to hire today. Not only is STEM the hottest area of growth and innovation in the world today, nearly any other industry or product relies on some form of science, technology, engineering or math. These are among the most transferrable skills one can acquire.

An education in a STEM subject can lead to a secure, well-paying job in a fast-growing industry, and Maryland offers both! The State’s higher education institutions and biotech-focused programs are some of the very best in the country and appeal to students at all levels. Maryland is perfectly situated as there are over 2,700 life sciences firms, 500 biotech companies, and 74 federal labs in the State.

In addition to choosing relevant college classes, there are several ways students can prepare for a career in biotechnology:

One of the best ways is choosing a mentor—whether it be a professor, college advisor or someone who works in the industry. These individuals can introduce you to the workings of the biotechnology industry, help you build a network, and connect you with organizations that will be a good fit with your career goals. Before meeting with your mentor, prepare a list of questions that you would like them to answer, whether it be about skills you need, challenges in the industry, or selecting a position. These questions will give you more focus moving forward and can help you make important decisions early on.

During a conversation with your mentor, college advisor, or while doing your own research, you might realize that you need to supplement some of the classes you’ve taken in college in order to prepare for the type of job you want. Fortunately, there are many classes and workshops you can take to hone your skills whether it be in science, math, or even soft skills such as communication and team-building. College is a busy time and sometimes you need to fill in a few learning gaps. This is where online classes and workshops will serve you well. It’s important to know what specific skills you may need for the career you want to pursue. Ask your professors or advisor to help you choose programs that will help you prepare you for a job in the industry, and visit our Dream Jobs page. Dream Jobs allows you to search for a career and will show you the skills you need, duties you may perform on the job, salary range, job demand, and more. Check it out here: Dream Jobs


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