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Careers for STEM Students

Careers for STEM students are everywhere and by choosing the right path, you can have a well-paying, secure job in the life sciences industry right here in Maryland!

The time to begin training for a career in life sciences and biotechnology is now. Never before has humankind had such ability to improve life on Earth as we have today. Being a part of the scientific community means being a part of that effort; and working to improve the future.

As we continually expand our scientific understanding of the molecules, organisms, and processes that make up the world in which we live, we add more building blocks to be used to create innovative methods and technologies which improve the natural environment and everyday life for living beings.

Join that noble endeavor. Make the discoveries that solve unanswered questions. Be a part of improving the future and making dreams become reality.

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What are Life Sciences and Biotechnology?

Life science, at its most basic level, is a branch of natural scientific study that involves living organisms. It includes a long list of fields including biology, botany, ecology, genetics, microbiology, neuroscience, pathology, and many more. These areas of study serve as foundations for applied life sciences such as bioengineering, biomedical science, genomics, health sciences, pharmacology, and a myriad of other concepts that are used to create biotechnology, or products and processes that help people and the planet.

The medical field is but one field that has benefitted greatly from innovations in life science and biotechnology. It has led to advances in cancer therapies, vaccines, genetic testing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Another example of life sciences and biotechnology touching millions of people globally is by helping farmers grow a wider variety of crops locally, use sustainable practices that reduce air pollution, and improve overall food quality and adaptability. The possibilities are endless – and so are the career opportunities. Find one that stokes your fire and jump on in!


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