Building and Inspiring the Life Sciences Talent and Workforce Pipeline​


Have you ever wondered what it takes to land the job of your dreams? Want to know if you have the skills to succeed in a new career? Dream Jobs can help you answer those questions.

We have several resources to help you navigate your personal “Pathway” to a new career in life sciences:

  • Career Roadmap allows you to view jobs by education level. It lists examples of various jobs within an industry and provides an estimated salary and brief overview of the position.
  • Dream Jobs is a reference tool will help you dive into the details and find an occupation that is right for you. Simply search for any occupation of your choice, and Dream Jobs will explain the required skills and knowledge for that position, the average education level earned by people currently working that profession, as well as the activities you will need to perform on the job. It also provides a full salary range and lists similar positions to help broaden the scope of your search.
  • Jobs & Internships is BioHub Maryland’s job board. Here you will find open job listings posted by life science companies from across the State of Maryland.


Who Uses Career Maps?

Anyone can benefit from career planning with Dream Jobs. Dream Jobs provides job seekers at all levels a pathway to rewarding careers in life sciences. Whether you are looking for your first job, or are already employed and want to advance or move into another occupation, Dream Jobs will give you the details to help you make the leap.